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The Beginning of an Era

710 is our licensed cannabis company operating from seed to consumer with multi-state cannabis licenses in North America, Uruguay, and Colombia. We cover all aspects of production from cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, retail dispensaries and eCommerce. We have successfully established 2 state-of-the-art cultivation facilities as well as 2  successful cannabis retail dispensaries in Las Vegas and we currently run 4 thriving Cannabis/CBD businesses. We also provide cannabis manufacturing and fulfilment services to some of the largest Cannabis and CBD brands in the United States including Chong’s Choice (Tommy Chong), Dr Mike Moreno and Natuur’s. Curaleaf, the biggest cannabis company in the world are also a client of our sister company, Tangi.

In order to keep up with continued demand for cannabis products, our next step is to build and operate 2 new cannabis businesses from 2 new licenses which were issued to us by the State Governments of Nevada and California. Your investment paired with our existing successful cannabis business model, will give you direct access to the investment returns that are being realized in the booming cannabis industry. In Las Vegas, Nevada, we have 32 acres of prime-development land and 23 acres in Palm Springs, California. Both plots of land are zoned within the Cannabis business district and licensed for cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.

In the history books, 2020 is sure to be described for posterity as a “year like no other.” Yet, as unrelentingly cruel and turbulent the year has been in terms of the pandemic and social unrest, it was highly momentous for the legal cannabis industry. From cannabis being deemed “essential” at the onset of the coronavirus outbreak last March to legalization measures passing in all five states that had them on their ballots in the November elections, the space scored major wins.

What does 2021 look like for the industry? Canna-business is booming across the United States in both medical and recreational industries. Globally, this year our projection for 2020 was $19.6 billion and for U.S., it was $16.1 billion. For the U.S., that would be a growth of 33 percent from last year. The big news is the U.S. has grown faster than that. We haven’t gotten a final number but it’s going to be $18 billion or slightly more. The impact of COVID-19 has been very substantial and positive for the cannabis industry. For next year, we expect the U.S. market to top $24 billion.

In terms of broad topics, the dispensary landscape is changing and will consolidate rapidly. We don’t have the Starbucks of cannabis yet; but we do have multistate operators and companies like Curaleaf (OUR PARTNER)that have done more than $100 million in sales in the last quarter. Consumers do like to have a consistent experience that’s familiar and in which they do have confidence. The same thing is happening with brands. Consumers do tend to prefer brands that are widely familiar and do a good job in marketing. We’ll see the first national brands (those sold in ten states or more) in 2021. That’s a new phenomenon and part of the new growth in the industry.

Outside of the U.S., there is also a softening of restrictions occurring. In the midst of numerous countries taking up the debate over cannabis legalization, the United Nations moved this month to reclassify cannabis from being included in the same category of the world’s most dangerous drugs. The move not only strengthens the case for nationwide legalization, but it also paves the way for an expansion of cannabis research and medical use worldwide.

While 2020 has been a year in which we have come to expect the unexpected, it has at the very least aligned the stars that will spell the successes to come for the cannabis industry. The right political environment, sustainable financial growth and strong consumer acceptance have set the stage for 2021 to be a highly anticipated year for multiple stakeholders in the industry.

We believe that we are at the beginning of a great land grab for consumer market share in the medical and recreational marijuana industries. The biggest opportunity in the legal marijuana market today is to own the brands that emerge as market leaders over the next decade and to control a payment solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Please visit our sister company, TANGI, to discover how we rae earning transaction fees from every single cannabis purchase across the entire industry.

710 & Tangi are ideally positioned for new investors to gain access to the outstanding returns on investment being realised by early adopters in the industry. We have developed business systems that are quickly profitable and ready to scale, and are ready to take on the already booming industry.

The Pandemic Resistant Industry

Cannabis is proving to be recession proof

The year 2020 was a difficult one. We have encountered some very uncertain times. Unfortunately, we are all now facing the prospect of austerity cuts and financial instability. While essentially every other business sector was critically close to imploding, during Covid, the cannabis industry has gone from strength to strength. We are pleased to announce that in these times of uncertainty, we can offer you the opportunity to add some much-needed growth to your personal finances. This may be a chance to make up for some of the financial hardships that we are all going to face over the next few years as we are all affected by the global recession. Our plan for investment is measured and well controlled. Regardless of your investment size, we are offering every level of investor the very same opportunity to invest. With cannabis being regarded as an integral sector with dispensaries legally bound to remain open to their millions of customers, the industry has found itself pandemic-resistant.

Introducing Our Sister Company, Tangi

Why Are We Merging Our Cannabis Businesses, 710, with Our Cannabis Cryptocurrency, Tangi.

Cryptocurrencies and Cannabis share a lot of things in common; Financially, Regulatorily, and Politically. Another Commonality is their popularity among young people. The Crypto & Cannabis models will complement and bolster each other as adoption in the two industries grows exponentially. Our new Cryptocurrency combined with our Cannabis
Payment Solutions could finally allow the Cannabis Industry to reach its true financial level. Additionally, our Cryptocurrency will benefit massively from the collaboration . After all, the Cannabis market can provide an incredibly reliable and steady stream of customers through a platform like TANGI’S.

The cannabis market has been yearning for a financial solution like this and
Tangi filling that niche will  certainly be profitable to us all .

Cannabis 2021 and into the future

Whats Next?

More than 57 million Americans have filed for unemployment since March. While the financial and employment opportunities around cannabis are not a silver bullet, they’re certainly not something we should ignore.

Legal cannabis sales reached nearly $20 billion this past year and are expected to top $40 billion annually within the next four years. As the industry continues to grow, companies are hiring to keep pace. The legal cannabis market supports 243,700 full-time-equivalent American jobs, which are set to multiply by 250% between 2018 and 2028. This makes the cannabis industry America’s largest source for new jobs.

Cannabis can also strengthen state economies and generate opportunities for increased tax revenue, particularly as state and local budgets dwindle.

As legalization continues to spread, wider adoption will further legitimize the industry and de-stigmatize cannabis sales and use. We will likely see cannabis companies attracting more top talent from some of the most notable companies across mainstream industries, and more software platforms, businesses and investors that were formerly hesitant to enter the space begin to work with and invest in cannabis-related businesses. Federal legalization of cannabis also has the potential to enhance liquidity and open the floodgates to more investment deals.

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Ready to start growing your canna-business?

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