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What 710 is Doing

Having enjoyed great success to date, we are now expanding

We have acquired and are developing Cannabis licenses in various legal jurisdictions. We are a vertically and horizontally integrated company. We operate from seed to consumer within a $250 Billion+ market worldwide and we are currently building a global brand.

As well as our multi-state licenses in North America, we also have licenses in the only federally legal jurisdictions in the world, Uruguay and Colombia, offering us unfettered licensing opportunities to cultivate, formulate, perform complex R&D, and export cannabis related products and services around the world. The result is that we can develop medical cannabis based pharmaceutical products as well as adult-use products. at a faction of the cost and time as compared to European jurisdictions.

• Our team consists of cannabis industry experts, industry doctors and scientists, investment/financial professionals, political/government figures and some of the best award winning medical cannabis cultivators on the planet.

• We have successfully built 2 state-of-the-art cultivation facilities with high production capacity unique in avoiding crop loss and outperforming the competition in yield.

• A proven track record resulting from over 20 years of experience in the industry, which distinguishes our group from other industry opportunities.

• Years of proven experience through current participation in operating cannabis establishments, including dispensary, cultivation, and processing enterprises.

• Proven political expertise in interacting and securing the proper zoning and use permits, which are essential to open a marijuana establishment.

• International experience including extensive participation in the development of well-known medical cannabis and CBD oil brands.

• Created successful, process-based operations that currently produce cost effective and consistent results.

We have launched successful Cannabis startups, secured sales channels that have helped shape emerging marketplaces in the Cannabis/Hemp vertical, and have years of hands- on experience designing, building and successfully running extraction labs for some of the industry’s biggest brands.

With 710 Holdings securing further commercial operating licenses for  cannabis cultivation, processing and sales, we will be able to expand our wholesale and retail footprint. In addition, we plan to provide fee based services, extracting our customers raw material and producing concentrate products .

This allows us to supply both the medical and recreational sides of the cannabis market. Because of our experience we can manage our risk accordingly as the markets evolve. Our team controls every aspect of production as we cultivate the cannabis from seeds to consumer. We also are flexible and, based on market demand, can use any amount of our flower, and all our trim, to produce a variety of premium concentrates in our onsite extraction labs. As a result, almost every licensed cannabis business in is a potential customer.

710 Holdings has already built a scalable, consistent, non-seasonal and virtually recession proof business. Our quality products are, consumable, renewable and completely organic. Due to our cloning techniques, and seed production, our product is renewable. This also gives us the ability to consistently reproduce premium quality products for our customers. Using our bio-dynamic methods for growing, we eliminate the need for pesticides or other hazardous chemicals.

This is not our first rodeo. We have successfully built farms and production facilities already. Therefore, all our suppliers, structures, equipment, super soil, contractors, key staff, licensing etc. are selected, designed and ready to go. We plan to have the build out  completed and operational within nine months of funding. When operational we will begin to immediately generate significant cash flow.

The high-tech indoor grow facilities, outdoor grows, greenhouses and state-of-the-art extraction lab are customised facilities completely equipped with everything required to support successful, year round, commercial cannabis cultivation and extraction operations.

Headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, 710 Holdings Inc. is at the forefront of a multi billion dollar cannabis/ hemp industry that is currently on track to exceed $39 billion by 2023.

From an investment perspective, 710 ’s model is designed for partners to receive an agreed and guaranteed royalty share on profits. Cognisant of the group’s traditional values and practices, 710 has designed solutions in the forms of joint ventures and acquisitions, building plantations and facilities on zoned land, bringing/creating jobs, revenue, and self – sufficiency.

​We envision 710 Holdings to be the staple of the cannabis campuses globally. Our goals include fair priced products at the highest quality, as well as, energy efficient facilities, cost effective market solutions, happy customers, and award-winning product.

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